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All Classes are also offered on a one-on-one basis via tutoring in addition to group class format.

Each of the classes I offer is also available one-on-one utilizing the tutoring offering. You choose the subject and it is charged at my tutoring rate. If you would like to do this as a tutoring session with a friend or two I will offer a 10% discount for each student's cost after the initial charge.  When there is only one student the time is reduced. These times listed are estimates only based on 8 students or more. For CEUs (when this becomes available again) the tutoring time credited will be based on the class as a whole not individual. 

I will also offer all subjects listed here in tutoring for advancing purposes. The subjects taught here are based on an overall curriculum, your needs and levels may necessitate adjustments in the curriculum for your individualization purposes and goals.

Class Offerings

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