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Post Cosmetic Services

Post Cosmetic Lymphatic Drainage and Manual Contouring are a bit different than a typical none post-op manual lymphatic drainage service. In these sessions, there is attention given to the trauma to the tissue. Watching for infections and other complications. These sessions also include education about the aftercare process; ie. nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and more.

Jill works with you to assess where you are in the healing process. This may include evacuation of lymph through incision after a liposuction surgery (not the abdominoplasty/tummy tuck incision as that is too fragile). There may simply be MLD (manual lymphatic drainage); compression garment evaluation; additional forms of compression; IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) for manual contouring and fibrotic tissue treatment; fire cupping (more contouring). Also available is lymphatic taping. This is a service add-on available during a session or on its own, utilizing Kinesio tapping methods.

All of these services are manual. Machine contouring services are also available.

Packages are also available


Packages are available. When scheduling an appointment there is the opportunity to buy the package. It is not listed in the menu directly. The packages are not listed until you actually book an appointment. When going to payment portion of the checkout you will notice that it lists the cost of the booked session and the package. It will not actually charge you for the booked session. I will apply the package to the session after the service is complete. 

Do NOT purchase your package until after you have completed your surgery. I do not give refunds for any reason. I have seen it happen often enough that the surgery was canceled for any number of reasons. I will not refund a package even if you don't have the surgery. So do not purchase a package until you have had your first session with me. I can easily convert the session to a package. 

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Post Cosmetic Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

30 Minute Sessions:

3 Sessions                                   $165

6 Sessions                                   $324

9 Sessions                                   $481

45 Minute Sessions:

3 Sessions                                   $205

6 Sessions                                   $415

9 Sessions                                   $610

60 Minute Sessions

3 Sessions                                    $245

6 Sessions                                    $486

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