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Crystal Grids

Customized grids to meet YOUR needs. :)

Many homes have crystal grids in them. These grids have many different designs and purposes. Very often guests have no idea why there are these beautiful stones in the home. 

Do you have something specific you are trying to manifest? Or are you just wanting to keep out negative energy? Noticed a lot of anger in the home recently? 

I can help.

Are you looking for something simple or ornate? The great part of my service is that I discuss everything with you. You pay for my service at a base rate and pay for the crystals at my cost where ever I find them. You also pay the shipping and handling (packaging). Thus, all of the crystals are chosen with your needs in mind. This is not a "cookie cutter" grid. This is for you.

Included in this grid service is the activation directions. You will be given a customized written intention of the grid for the activation process. You will also be given instructions on the care and storage of the crystals. 

The cost of this service is $75 plus the cost of the crystals and any shipping that I incur in locating the crystals and to ship them to you. 

There may be some additional costs if you wish to have special bags or boxes for your grid and crystals. This will all be discussed with you. For instance, I may need to find a wood box and inscribe a sigil on the box (this would be an additional cost for the personalization of the box). I may need to do a ritual blessing on the items (additional charge - only if we discuss and you agree - not typical service, but I do offer it).

Everything that goes into your grid is personalized and customized to your needs. This is not a kit. This is not something that is thrown together. 

Crystal Grid Creation Service: Services

Customized Crystal Grid

$75 - $500

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