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Tarot Ethics and Policies

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Tarot Ethics and Policies: Welcome

Ethics and Policies

As a Tarot Reader, I am here to empower you. You have all the answers within you. We will use the Tarot cards to converse and find those answers. I will work with you to form a question with a well-formed outcome. If your question is one that is straightforward to my understanding, I will do the reading. However, if I am uncertain about your goal, I will ask for clarification until we both understand the question and the goal of the question.




I will remain honest in all readings. This means I will deliver all the good news and bad news. I will not "sugar-coat" readings. This may, at times, come across as harsh. However, I do not believe that it will do you any good to avoid "bad" news as this may actually turn around to be good news. Who am I to judge what is good or bad news? This is for you to decide. 


If I do not believe that I can do a reading for you, I will tell you. This could be that I cannot feel a connection to you for a reading. Or it could be that I just cannot understand the question. Or it could be the question as asked goes against my own ethics or boundaries. This may mean that we need to work together to redevelop the structure of the question or that another reader would serve you better.





No, I will not judge my clients. I am not here to judge, only to guide. I will answer questions as succinctly and as simply as I can. My answers will be free from judgment. I want my clients to feel free to ask me what needs to be answered. This does not mean that I will answer all questions, but I am not here to decide if you are wrong or right. That is for you to live with and decide.




I will keep all readings private. I will keep records of the readings. Reading records may be written, filmed, or audio recordings. They will be stored in a manner that is private and protected. If I need to personally debrief from a reading (meaning I need personal assistance/counseling on a reading as there may have been a conflict or personal trigger) I will not mention anything that will reveal the client's personal identity. If readings are to be used in academic work, then permission will be attained by the client first and all personal identification information will be removed.


The only time that I will not abide by this rule is if you tell me that you will harm yourself or someone else. If you say something that I believe is a statement with the intent to commit self-harm or harm to others I will contact the necessary professionals.


Readings with timing or dates.


I do not believe that our paths are set in stone. The Tarot shows us possibilities. Each day we are faced with hundreds of decisions. This Free Will changes the path ever so slightly until it is a completely different path. Tarot is a guide, not a commandment. It can be predictive, but this is based on your current decisions. As soon as you make another decision the path can be changed.


The ever-changing path is why I do not do readings with dates or exact timing. I may be able to give you a general idea of when something may occur, but please bear in mind that this could change five minutes after the reading based on a new decision you make.


Third-Party Readings


I cannot tell you about the lives of others. I will not invade the privacy of others. I will do a reading for you about you. I cannot tell you how someone else feels about you. I cannot tell you what someone else is doing or how they are doing.


I will help you restructure these questions in order to make them about yourself rather than the third party. We will discuss what the goal is and then decide if there is another way to ask the question without invading the privacy of the other person.




I will not read for anyone under the age of seventeen (17)/ or a senior in high school. If the parent is present, I will read for those who are between fifteen and sixteen (or sophomores and juniors in high school).


Restricted Questions


I am not a doctor, psychologist, counselor, lawyer, or financial advisor. I will not answer questions about medical, mental health, legal, or financial investments.  I am unable to tell you if you are pregnant or if you will become pregnant. I cannot tell you if you will win a legal action. I cannot tell you if you are going to lose money if you invest in a stock. I cannot tell you if you should take medicine or not.  These are all questions for particular professionals that I am not.


I cannot give you lottery or gambling advice or numbers.


If you tell me that you are suicidal, I will advise you to seek immediate medical attention. I may even call the necessary professionals on your behalf.


I am a certified life coach, licensed massage therapist, master neurolinguistic programming practitioner, Reiki Master, Master Crystologist, reflexologist, Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, and certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist. So, there are times that I will draw on this knowledge during my readings and give you some exercises that may help. I will remain within my scope of practice, otherwise, I will refer you to those professionals that are appropriate for the situation.

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