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Tarot Reading

Tarot is a form of cartomancy. This means that it can be used as a predictive form of divination. However, the Tarot cards are best used as a form of personal insight. This is a way to tap into our own beliefs and understandings of a situation. Oftentimes it is hard to grasp what we are feeling in a situation. This is a way for our inner self to express desires, wants, emotions, and options. The options being the most sought-after goal in most cases.
When these cards are used as guides for another person the reader is able, with conversation, to assist that other person to find answers. The reader can look at the cards to ask questions that will give the client another perspective in a situation. The reader may even be able to divine information from spirit guides with the cards giving an even more in-depth understanding of the client or reader’s questions. The cards are used to empower the client to understand a situation and/or develop goals on a path.
I am a guide. I am a life coach. I do some predictive work as I do work with my spirit guides. However, in general, I use cards to empower my client to further understand their own situation and find ways to evolve and develop solutions.

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Tarot Reading: Services
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