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Machine Contouring Services

This is where you will find the Ultrasonic Cavitation; Radio Frequency; Vacuum Cupping; Electro-Muscular Stimulation; and Microcurrent with LED Therapy. 

Booking a session will include all machines. The specific therapy/treatments will be determined at/during the session. We will discuss your goals prior to beginning the session. This will be when we decide what techniques best suit your goals.


There are a few rules about UC that have recently been implemented about this service that are recommended by the healthcare field and researchers. The first is that there should be no more than 40 minutes a week per body (not the body part) done. This can be broken down into 20-minute sessions. When booking sessions there are sessions for one hour and 90-minute sessions. These sessions include other services such as radiofrequency and lymphatic drainage. Another recommendation is to do 10-20 minutes of cardio or vibration following a UC session. This is available at Celestial Waves. However, if you have had a BBL in the past year I recommend that you opt to do 20 minutes of cardio vs 10 minutes of vibration in order to preserve your fat investment. The last is that UC should never be used above the ribcage or on the back. This is for the safety of your organs within the ribcage and your kidneys.

Radiofrequency should be limited to 30 minutes per session and one hour per 5-10 days.

All sessions are designed with these restrictions in mind. 

I do not do wood therapy, despite being certified, at this time. I prefer the use of IASTM. This can be scheduled in the Post Cosmetic Services tab (Post Cosmetic Lymphatic Drainage). 


Packages are available. The packages are listed under specials.  Do NOT purchase your package until after you have completed your surgery. I do not give refunds for any reason. I have seen it happen often enough that the surgery was canceled for any number of reasons. I will not refund a package even if you don't have the surgery. So do not purchase a package until you have had your first session with me. I can easily convert the session to a package. 

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