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Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy healing can come in many different forms. One form is Reiki. 

Reiki focuses on energy utilizing specific symbols and words concentrated on manipulating energy within the healer and the healee. 

During the session, you will relax on the table as I scan your body for energy needs (hot spots, changes in energy, pain spikes, inflammation, etc.) I will then utilize my training as a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master to manipulate the energy in healing. 

My sessions combine Reiki techniques with crystal healing techniques. If you would like purely Reiki without the crystals please let me know during the consultation portion of the session.

Chakra Balancing
Aura Cleansing

The Energy Healing sessions combine many different energy healing techniques.

This is the most popular service I offer. 

During these sessions I will psychically read your energy (auric layers, chakras, energetic body as a whole) looking for imbalance; core pictures that have a negative impact; cords to others; alien or foreign energy; programming; entities; and so much more. I may also do past life or Akashic Record reading and healings. I may even pull some tarot cards.

I will assist in helping you find balance in your chakras and aura, and movement of healthy energy. 

As a Psychic Shaman and Ordained Minister, I have been trained in many forms of energy healing including, but not limited to, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki; Usui Reiki Ryoho; Rose-Based Psychic Healing; Crystal Healing, and more. I also have training in divinatory skills such as Numerology and Tarot (Master Biddy Tarot Reader Certified), and some Astrology (Whole Sign). I have also been trained as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Life Coach; and Hypnotist. 

All of these skills combined give a unique perspective for services in energy healing. I will list other services, however, they all fall under the category of Energy Healing and Life Coaching.

Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing are a part of the Intuitive Energy Healing and Life Coaching sessions. This is also done during Reiki sessions.  You can also book 30 minutes sessions for just aura cleansing and basic chakra balancing. This is really a healing balancing so if there are foreign energies that are causing the chakras to be unbalanced I may not be able to remove the foreign energy in the 30-minute period.


I do teach courses in Energy Healing. The classes are done in person; online, and hybrid style depending on demand. These include:


Crystal Healing

Healing Through the Elementals

Journaling and Meditation


Chakra Foundations

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