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Holding Hands

Ministerial Shamanic Services

I am an ordained minister through The Audacious Spirit; a seminary for psychic shamanism. I am also ordained since 2008 with Universal Life Church, and most recently through American Marriage Ministries. I am also a Certified Wedding Professional through AMM and member of  

The International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants. I am also a member of the OBOD; Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.

I have done several business and house blessings as well. 


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Up to 5 guests.

This is an intimate ceremony. It will take about 15 minutes. It will be just you and a few of your guests. You will have the choice of a couple of scripts that are pre-written.


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Wedding Ceremony


Your service will include a customized script. We will work together  to create a unique ceremony that reflects the celebration of you and your partner/s. This includes up to one hour of time (in one trip) at the venue. It also includes up to one hour of time in Zoom consultations beyond the initial meeting.

Member of IAPWO

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Signing of the Marriage Certificate Only

No fuss - No Muss

Up to 3 guests

This service is done at my very small office in Windcrest. This is very informal and only takes about 10 minutes tops. There is no need for consultation beyond setting the appointment.


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Handfasting Only


Up to 25 guests

This ceremony lasts about 15 minutes

This ceremony was initially created during the Middle Ages as a way to set your intention of marriage to the village and family. This was a commitment and a form of engagement/betrothal. Initially it was also a form of marriage that lasted one year and one day. Once that time was complete you were given the choice of forever together or breaking.

This is a great way to celebrate your engagement.

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Commitment Ceremony

Starts at $300

This service is for those that are looking for a ceremony to celebrate their commitment to each other without the legal binding contract with the government. This is perfect for two or more individuals. There are many reasons for this type of ceremony. It is for those that have a Polyamorous commitment. It also is good for those that have legal documents of commitment that don’t involve the government (ie Medical Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, and Fiduciary Contract).

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Polyamorous Commitment Ceremony

Starts at $300

This is described above, but to give more information. There will be a $50 fee per person beyond 3. Includes a Certificate of Binding Commitment (name of certificate can be changed per your relationship) that is not a legal document.

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Children’s Commitment Ceremony

Starts at $200

Have a ceremony that allows you to commit to your partner’s children. Or a ceremony committing to an adopted child. Celebrate with family and friends the addition of these children to your lives. This ceremony will be vows given between the parents and the children as they are accepted to your home and lives.

This can be added to any wedding ceremony.

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Inmate Wedding Service

Starts at $350

I am an official TDCJ Officiant and can perform weddings in the Texas jail and prison system. This service is only allowed to be 15 minutes long. We will discuss the service/script via Zoom. The inmate and and partner must complete all the steps to get the wedding approved via the facility and TDCJ. You will need to pay a $100 deposit at the time of contract. This is non-refundable whether the wedding is approved or not. Once the deposit is made and the contract is signed you may list me as your officiant. There are still more steps that need to be done prior to this step.

I will not do any of the paperwork for you, but once the deposit is made I can answer some simple questions via text. Once your date is approved you will need to make another $100 payment. Then within ten days of the wedding you will need to make the final payment of $150 as well as any additional travel expenses that are discussed and in the contract. 

On the day of the wedding you must be dressed conservatively per the TDCJ rules and arrive 45 minutes prior to the service to get through security. You will not be allowed a ring exchange or any other exchange. Nor will flowers be allowed inside. That being said. After the ceremony we may stop somewhere to take photographs of your big day. You will be allowed to take coins in for a picture that is taken by the staff at the facility (at this time it is $3). 

If you are late, wear inappropriate (per TDCJ standards) attire, or behave inappropriately the service will be cancelled and no refund will be given. TDCJ is very strict on all of these rules.

All payments are final and no refunds will be given.

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Home or Business Blessing

This is a very customized ritual. There are different incense and candles burned on location. There are also crystals/stones left on location. Also, if there is negative energy, curse, or entities that need to be removed (this does not apply to hauntings or demon possession - I do not remove physical demons or ghosts, but I will place bindings on ghosts) there may be an additional charge. 

We will discuss via Zoom what your needs are specifically.

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