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Moving Fat

All my life my mom (an RN) told me that fat moved. In the recesses of my brain I believed her, but I had issues fully believing this. How could the fat on my waist move to my thighs or how could the fat on my face move to my neck? Ok I still can’t believe that it is quite that dramatic. But, she would always talk about my fat shifting - I would go where it was needed. Now that I’m larger, I don’t see the changes happening the way they did in my teenage years when I was a wisp of thing. Ok, I was never a wisp because I was athletic and muscular. But, I digress. LoL

While I work on my clients recovering from cosmetic surgery I have watch fat move. I have seen it migrate to other parts of the body. Typically I don’t see fat from the waist go to the butt, but I have seen it move within the abdomen. Or I have seen the transferred fat move up to the lower back. I have seen the migration.

Well, today in my browsing of the internet I came across a quick blurb on the Harvard website. It says that yes fat migrates. It is used in the healing process. Fat is a perfect storage cell. Need extra vitamins and minerals? Turn to the fat cells. Well, apparently fat is used by the body to heal wounds. Considering that my clients oftentimes look like a large wound all over their bodies (I mean seriously - you should see some of the bruising I have seen that starts at the knees and stretches to the neck) I completely see this as a viable way the body works. I see this occur.

Here is a link to the website. This will be a rabbit hole eventually. I will be finding more.

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