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December Crystal Layout - Discovering Realizing Goals of 2020

Goals for 2020

What goals do I want for 2020? What do I need to do to reach these goals?

Root Obsidian or Dalmatian Jasper

Sacral Montana Agate

Solar Plexus Pyrite, Citrine

Heart Malachite

Throat Moss Agate

Third Eye Ametrine

Crown Dendric Agate

Lunar Channeling Crystal

Hands Right Obsidian

Left Transmitter Crystal


Mirror Stone. While grounding it will reveal that which must be revealed. It will delve into the consciousness and find the hidden to be worked on.

Dalmatian Jasper

This stone will cause one to stop and disengage from outmoded or poor habits. Create Self-realization while keeping in the reality of now. It will exhilarate towards achieving goals.

Montana Agate

Stimulates Kundalini energy while staying grounded. Creates self-control. Discover the “where” and “how” to begin and continue the goal process.


Keep you positive during the goal. Finding what is behind the mask and bring forth what needs to be revealed. It helps to recall positive, happy, loving memories. It helps to sustain the ideal of health and intellect while finding perfection in the order of all that unfolds within.


This is a stone of manifestation and problem-solving. Brings forth the radiance of self and optimistic outlook. Keeps the endurance and initiative in a new beginning. It helps to find abundance and attract it.


Brings changes to advancement. Create an unobstructed path towards a goal. Assists to delve within to ask why this goal is what you want, and to find the supporting steps to reach the goal. All this while releasing emotions holding you back from reaching the goal or even starting on the path.

Moss Agate

It guides you to the acquisition and attainment of goals. Boosts self-esteem while clearing negative self-talk. Connects to plant spirits to further growth of the plant and yourself.


Help to reach a higher state while opening the intellect to reach beyond and develop consciousness. Release blockages in mind, body, emotional, and auric body. Assists in deprogramming. Brings the organization of self and the divine connection.

Transmitter Crystal

Connect to your higher self, divine self, and your guides to find that which needs to be said. What messages need to be delivered. This will also send messages to your Higher Self; sending the message of love and to ask for assistance from your guides.

Channeling Crystal

Meditation crystal to open up wisdom and gain knowledge. This stone is used to ask questions and receive messages from your guide.

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