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My Library Suggestions

Updated: May 1, 2021

This will be a frequently changing post, so check often. I will likely have several posts in different categories.


I get many questions about the books that you see behind me when I do readings or classes. I have had an issue trying to post this in previous posts on Facebook. So, I have joined the Amazon Associate Program so that I can have a "Bookstore" so to speak. So, if you click on the links listed I will profit a small amount.


My first recommendation is:


There is another edition to this that I love, love, love. It actually has pictures and is hardcover. Oh, and it is large. It weighs a ton. :) So much great information.


Now. I won't be adding my two cents on all the titles herein, but I will put in a bit here and there.

This is my favorite book for creating crystal grids. He includes a downloadable PDF with pictures for crystal grid use. When I need a quickie I just print out the one I want and put the crystals on.



I should put my book here too. Now, this is a manual for my class, but it is still very helpful as a quick reference.

Chakra Basics by Reverend Jill Scoggins

This will take you to where I actually publish the book.


This one isn't my favorite, but it does have some good information in it.


You may question why this one is here. Well, when I do spell work, create sigils, or do crystal grids I like to have a reference for some of the symbols I can use that may not be so obvious. Also, I have a tendency to get flashes of pictures from my guides, and sometimes it is symbols that I have no clue the origin or meaning of. This book helps me tremendously in this regard. It's also rather fun to just flip through when I'm bored.

The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar


What kind of suggestion list would this be without Ethony. She was the first real inspiration I had for the Tarot. This is a fantastic book and cannot recommend it enough. It is easy to read and doesn't require any other books as a reference. It is a great reference book on its own and one that I check often, still. And be sure to also check out Ethony's YouTube presence. and The Tarot Reader's Academy where Ethony is the headmistress. There is a private Facebook group as well for TRA and separate ones for the Awaken Soul Coven.


This was the second Tarot book I bought. This book is what led me to find The Tarot Reader's Academy. I started reading this book and it was just a tad more advanced for me as it is very scholarly. I use it a lot still and continue to read everything Bell. Benebell has a great YouTube presence as well. Benebell's website has great free material and online courses as well.


This one has some great information, but it has yoga poses that are for the alignment of the chakras. This I have not been able to do as I don't do yoga, but I know it is helpful for those that do. I use it as a reference.


These two books really helped me understand the scientific side of chakras and auras/biofields.


This was the second book I bought way back when I was first deciding to dive into the craft.


This was the first book I bought on the path. It is likely on the bookshelf of most on this path as it is the most often recommended book for beginners.


This was the third book I bought. Take this book as a stand-alone to her work. I haven't agreed with the rest, but this book is very useful.


Melissa taught a course during the Tarot Reader's Academy Summer School that made everything for me to snap into place. It was an absolute gem of a class. I followed along with this book and made notes. I soon had the next book as well. She has one on magic that will likely be added to my shelves as well.

I even gave Kitchen Table Tarot away in a giveaway.


This one is a great reference book. My degree is in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Essentially my degree has made me a Historical, Theological, Literary, Philosopher. So, much of my coaching experience in the world of being a healer is the need to learn diversity in religion. On my shelf, you will find books of several religions. Religion is at the foundation of every spiritual person. As a society, we have a foundation in a religion that sets our societal and cultural laws. We may dispute a religion and believe we have nothing to do with any religious dogma, but our society as a whole sets its rules by these religions. In order to understand a client's personal constructs, there is a need to have knowledge of what their construct developed from. What dualities? What creations? What rules? What whatever did they get tickled into their thoughts when young that created that construct. Thus, I learn about different religions, folk tales, and conceptual creation stories to be able to relate and garner information to and from my clients so that I can help them to heal themselves through energetic connections. This is one of the books of reference that helps with that. Also, it was one of my textbooks for my BA. ;)

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