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Well, yeah, I'm on social media now... LOL Ok, so it isn't a grand "thing", but it is new for me. I am now attempting to do a daily tarot reading. This is for myself, but rather than the traditional tarot reading I am instead writing affirmations for the drawing. I am doing a very basic three card draw of my Energy of the Day; Challenge of the Day; and Lesson of the Day. Each one is an affirmation. I hope to add daily spells as I learned from T. Susan Chang in the class she taught at the 2019 Northwestern Tarot Symposium. It was a fantastic class and I am enjoying her book, Tarot Correspondences.

If you would like to check out my Instagram progress (trials and tribulations) you can find it here: Please be kind as I am still learning this form of social media. I have another webcam on the way so that I can take pictures with that rather than my cellphone. Once I have done that you will no longer see the iPad for the notes. Well, I may still do that, not sure, but I will also type the affirmations into the comments section as it is rather difficult to see them currrently. I do hope that the affirmations are able to help others. I may even post them here as my "blog" is rather stagnate at the moment.

I am currently entertaining several ideas for a weekly email for those of you that follow me can recieve. I may do the same type of thing I'm doing on Instagram. So, I may do a weekly affirmation for all. Still tossing around ideas in my head. Ideas? I am also considering do a YouTube meditation. Just quick 5-10 minutes weekly as part of the email/blog. Who knows we will see. :)

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