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January 2020 Layout – Habits and Rituals

What habits or rituals do you want to begin? What do you need to begin these habits and daily rituals?

Root Shale

Sacral Copper

Solar Plexus Chrysoprase

Heart Peridot

Throat Chrysocolla

Third Eye Lapis

Crown Charoite

Hands Labradorite


Heals feelings while causing a self-metamorphosis. It brings you to a new world by opening new possibilities. This will improve your productivity and creativity. It helps you to accomplish your mission and push you not to give up. Perseverance. This will allow you to think faster than your rivals.


Combat lethargy, passivity, and non-acceptance of self. It stimulates initiative and releases the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself. The conductivity stimulates the vitality and then directs the energy along your personal growth path.


This brings out the loving state within promoting a non-judgmental attitude and acceptance of the self. Allows and assists you to be savior-faire. Facilitates adaptability while helping you to understand growth patterns.


This will help you discover detrimental patterns that keep you from growth. It heals the bruised ego and propagates happiness within. It creates and heals existing cycles including life cycles, intellectual cycles, emotional cycles, and mental cycles. It also assists the transition to each stage of the cycle.


Promotes harmony by releasing distress. Produces inner strength while helping to sustain this during stress. While it grounds it will balance the energy within and the chakras.


This unifies the chakras promoting the perfection within the self. Attunes the self-nature with insight in structure and planning. Assists in the courage in activities. It provides the connection to dream forces while guiding in the altered state to find understanding and counsel. Brings cheer and state of serenity.


Courage and stamina while working. Combines the heart and crown chakras for the unconditional love of self and others. Pushes to make positive choices reflecting self-love and self-care. This is the stone of transformation and forward motion. You will not be able to sit still. You will change with this stone.


“Temple of the Stars”. This sustains and maintains the provided understanding of the destined path that you choose. The moon energy within helps with the advancement in the different cycles challenging you.

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