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Welcome. Celestial Waves was established in 2004 in Texas. It was meant to be a business for health and wellness. Over the years it has grown and changed and just blossomed. I now offer energy healing and coaching online. I utilize Tarot, Psychic and Intuitive Healing, Crystals, an array of Spirit Guides, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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About Me

Healing Energy

Reverend Jill Scoggins

Currently, I find that I really enjoy connecting with others energetically. I have been a healer professionally now for 15 years. I began as a massage therapist. I then moved on to Reiki Master. In 2014 I became a Master Crystologist. I really connect with crystal healing. I can now call on crystals in healing remotely. I am a graduate of Shamanic Healing Foundations and I am currently enrolled in several shamanic healing programs. I just want to soak up as much as I can possibly learn to help my clients and students. 
I teach courses in Meditation and Journaling, Chakra Basics and Crystal Healings. I do hope to eventually offer this online as well. I am the author of Chakra Basics.


Available Online Offerings


You have given me so much insight and reassurance for her, this reading is X to a T.

Many blessings,

Betty Davis

Thank you so much! Thank you for my reading! You made me cry, made me smile! I felt a lot of emotions from it. You hit the nail on quite a few things.  
Thank you again! 5 stars for sure! You rock!!


Thanks so much for the reading – I found it both valuable and confirming.  I related well to the information you provided.  Overall I found your reading very relatable and provided answers I needed help with: your intuition was spot on, and your delivery style is clear and informative.
Thank you so much



Tarot and Crystals

The Divine World Awaits


Tarot Reading


Tarot is a form of cartomancy. This means that it can be used as a predictive form of divination. However, the Tarot cards are best used as a form of personal insight. This is a way to tap into our own beliefs and understandings of a situation. Oftentimes it is hard to grasp what we are feeling in a situation. This is a way for our inner self to express desires, wants, emotions, and options. The options being the most sought-after goal in most cases.

When these cards are used as guides for another person the reader is able, with a conversation, to assist that other person to find answers. The reader can look at the cards to ask questions that will give the client another perspective in a situation. The reader may even be able to divine information from spirit guides with the cards giving an even more in-depth understanding of the client or reader’s questions. The cards are used to empower the client to understand a situation and/or develop goals on a path.

I am a guide. I am a life coach. I do some predictive work as I do work with my spirit guides. However, in general, I use cards to empower my client to further understand their own situation and find ways to evolve and develop solutions.

Readings vary in cost. 

These are done via email currently.

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