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My New Adventure Has Begun!!


I do hope you are having a wonderful day. I apologize if you get multiples of this email newsletter. I am in the middle of transitioning everything, but I really needed to get all of this news out to everyone.


The first bit of news is that I am no longer at Integrative Healing Institute. I AM still teaching classes there. However, due to some personal things in my life I can no longer be employed. I still find the owners, Kim and Elizabeth, to be wonderful people and I was not let go. There are no hard feelings there. This is completely independent of a business decision.


Next tidbit. I do have an office. I am at Blanco and Bitters now. I am not available as many hours a week as I am “semi-retired.” I am able to do massages there. I will need advanced notification if you need cupping as I do not have a room where I keep my equipment. I am only offering 30-, 45-, and 60-minute sessions.


I am seeing post-cosmetic surgery clients in the office, but I am also doing out-calls (home visits). #BBL #TT #MR #LymphaticMassage #MM #MommyMakeover #Lipo360 #ChinLipo and more.

I do have restrictions in terms of open incisions, so I encourage you or anyone you refer to ask questions via text. Free consultations via Zoom are available.


If you are an energy healing client then I do offer my services online via a Zoom call. You may also come to the office, but again I will not have full access to all of my stones. I will bring a few of them with me. If you would like to schedule online sessions for aura cleansing, chakra balancing, psychic energy reading and healing, past life reading and healing, or tarot readings then please schedule via my website at https://HealingEnergy.Rocks.


I am no longer offering Lypossage or any spa services.

I do still offer reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage.

However, I will no longer be offering cold stone lymphatic facial massage.


I will be offering my Chakra Basics as a six-week course every Sunday beginning May 9th. The classes are 60-90 minutes each approximately. The course does provide a PDF version of the manual. If you would like to sign up for that class please go to The Audacious Spirit website to sign up. I am also teaching the Chakra Basics class this May at Integrative Healing Institute. The dates may change so check back. I will also include the links on my blog at https://HealingEnergy.Rocks/blog


Calling to reschedule within 4 hours will result in a $30 rescheduling fee. Canceling within 24 hours will result in a $30 fee.

The rescheduling fee does not apply to online appointments thru Zoom.

After 3 no-call/no-shows or canceling within 2 hours, you will be blocked from scheduling further.

Direct link to booking:


Links listed:

Online Chakra Class at Audacious Spirit:

In-Person Chakra Class at Integrative Healing Institute:


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