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Reiki Training

Reiki is a study of energy healing that has evolved over the past two centuries. This is a knowledge that is passed down from Master to Student through a lineage.  Each student learns the symbols, techniques, and ethics of this healing art. Upon learning the student can continue with another Master to add to their tool kit or begin taking students of their own. 

The students will begin with learning to care for themselves in Reiki I. The next class is Reiki II. This class will teach the student to do healing on others. The next level is Advanced Reiki Techniques. This class will teach the student some advanced techniques such as distance healing and psychic surgery. The final level is Reiki Master. This will teach the student to teach the art of Reiki to others. 

There are a few forms of Reiki available. Maestra Jill first learned Usui Ryoho Reiki. She has taken the full courses from several Masters over the years. Her latest Reiki Master was William Rand. From this Master, Maestra Jill learned Karuna Holy Fire III (TM) Reiki Master.  She is able to teach this course to anyone who has been a Reiki Master for a minimum of six months.

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