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$85 Monthly Membership

Ask Jill Today!


Monthly membership for great deals!

Need the incentive to get your monthly massage or chakra balancing?

Jill is now offering Memberships. Memberships are $85 a month.

This membership will cover up to one hour towards one service a month* and then a discount of 10% for every service, in the calendar month, thereafter. 

You can come for a one-hour massage in week one without further cost. Then in week two come in for a 1 hour Reiki session on Monday for $72 rather than $85. On Friday come in for a 30-minute cupping session for $63 rather than $70. There are no limits to the number of discounted sessions in a calendar month.

Ask Jill to sign you up today!! Either ask her at your session or via text at


Your card will be stored with a merchant services program and will not be visible to anyone. You will be automatically charged every month.

*That first available session (Up to one hour) does not roll over from month to month. This membership expires every month, any unused services expire on the last day of each calendar month. The $85 Membership fee will be automatically deducted from your account.

To cancel your auto-bill please send Jill a text message at least 2 days prior to your withdrawal date. If you do not receive a confirmation then please follow up. 

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